6. Relax-antistres švedska klasična masaža mekog pritiska

Masaža 8 ruku

1. Relax-antistress swedish classical antistress massage soft touch in a duration of 60 minutes is a full body massage with a very gentle pressure. It's mandatory that all the movements are performed in direction of the heart. The movements are long and slow which are the two basic characteristics of swedish (classic) massage, finally created in 19th century in Sweden, where it got it's name. This is one of the many massages we offer. However, our clients prefer it in a combination with sport and therapeutic massage , with occasional stronger pressure, which acheive better results and relaxation . This massage is performed with classic massage oil and it's mostly dedicated to clients who don't like strong pressure (sensitive people), or to the cases where we are not allowed to apply any pressure ( children ages from 15-17, pregnant women and people with hyperglycemia). This massage is rarely requested.