Massage details

29. Therapeutic massage in a duration of 40 minutes is specific in that it, in comparison to other massages, starts from the head. Lymphatic drainage massage starts from the stomach and all the rest from the feet … The emphasis is on each muscle, it is profound but in our opinion the best effect is in a combination with sports and relax massage… After that, a long shower with warm water makes the effect complete.

Time duration

40 min

Number of therapist


Massage type





What our clients say

The best place for a massage in Belgrade.
Therapists are always pleasant and smiling. Upon arrival, they always offer you a drink and whatever your mood is, they fix your day. Communication is great and professional – you can say at any time which intensity suits you best.
The space is nicely decorated, the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s always clean. Definitely try a hedonistic full body massage which is phenomenal.

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