Massage details

HEDONISTIC FULL BODY MASSAGE for both genders and all age groups, lasting 90 minutes (30+30+30), is currently the most sought-after massage within the group of massages where more than one masseur or masseuse works (you choose who massages you)… It is a blend of classic Swedish, double relaxation, soothing therapeutic, sensual movements, and the Royal 4 Hands massage in one segment (in the middle or at the end, depending on the client’s preference or current possibilities), with the addition of vibration or even deep tissue techniques… The massage starts from the back, mainly employing the Swedish and therapeutic technique with controlled pressure, spiced up with sensual movements. After 30 minutes, another therapist enters, and for the next 30 minutes, the Royal massage is performed with intense, or as per the client’s wish, mildly sensual four-hand movements. After this Royal massage segment, the following 30 minutes are conducted by the next therapist, using relaxing techniques (the first therapist leaves the session), employing sensual movements, vibration, and aromatic creams and oils acting as aromatherapy… Many clients prefer the 30-minute Royal massage to be at the end; if possible, we happily accommodate. We can adjust techniques so that the pressure is consistently strong or gentle, always complemented by sensual movements and the use of aromatic creams, oils, and even cold gel if dealing with athletes or injuries… There are three combinations of therapists available at the client’s request: two females, two males, or a combination of a male and a female, where the male therapist focuses on the back and joins in the Royal 4 Hands part, after which he exits, and the female therapist continues with the front of the body… It is important to note that we massage the front and back, the entire body of both genders and all age groups, excluding the genital area… The price list is detailed and transparent, offering a suitable option for all clients. TAKE A STEP FOR YOURSELF, REJUVENATE YOUR SOUL AND BODY!



Time duration

90 min

Number of therapist


Massage type

relax, anti-stres




What our clients say

The best place for a massage in Belgrade.
Therapists are always pleasant and smiling. Upon arrival, they always offer you a drink and whatever your mood is, they fix your day. Communication is great and professional – you can say at any time which intensity suits you best.
The space is nicely decorated, the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s always clean. Definitely try a hedonistic full body massage which is phenomenal.

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