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Excellence massage Belgrade

Excellence massage Belgrade – Greatest massage center in Belgrade and this region WE ARE LEADERS IN OUR BRANCH IN REGION. PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE FOR WHOLE BODY BOTH GENDERS & AGES – SKILL & EXPERIENCE!
Working space – 11 separate rooms. Every day including weekends from 7 AM to midnight.
Treatment provided by professional masseuses and masseurs, physiotherapists (certificate or diploma required).

730 reviews

MASAŽA, MASSAGE, 按摩, ‘מַסָג, تدليك, マッサージ, ماساژ

17 masseuses and 11 masseurs work for you. Exclusively certified and trained massage therapists. On our instagram profile excellence_massage_ekselencija see over 15.000 massage videos with explanations…

With and without reservation

You do not have to book an appointment with us, just come every day from 7 am to midnight all 365 days of the year without exception.

Certified masseurs

Pleasant atmosphere

Professional massage


Due to numerous fake profiles on social networks, we want to inform our clients that our only real address is Svetogorska 27, as well as links to social networks exclusively from this site !!!

On your birthday you get 20 minutes extra free massage !!!

For every our service and advance payment you will get fiscall bill or company bil.
Current Account: 160-459205-55, Banca Intesa; Recipient: Mile Mitrovic PR Studio body care Excellence MM Belgrade (Stari Grad); Purpose: Payment for massage services
Purpose of payment: Payment for massage services
Note: Please let us know about the payment (by phone, SMS, Viber or What’s Up)

Enjoy together

Massage for couples


Massage for couples is a great choice if you want to take someone for a massage for the first time. This quality time allows you to enjoy a pleasant environment with someone you care about.

The perfect gift

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In finding the right gift – shorten the time and give what will surely make everyone happy – a top massage. Excellence massage Belgrade offers you the opportunity to purchase a gift voucher for a massage.

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Professional team Excellence Massage Belgrade

Masseurs - Therapists

Currently, our team includes 16 masseuses-therapists and 11 masseuses-therapists.

Excellence massage

The most popular treatments - We offer 60 massages

By clicking on the massage from the price list, you will get a more detailed explanation of the same!

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Opening hours of the massage center

Monday - Sunday

7:00 - 24:00


Impressum - Excellence massage Belgrade

  • Location: City Center of Belgrade, 27 Svetogorska Street, Stari Grad Municipality.
  • Tax Identification Number: 109748673
  • Activity Code: 9604
  • Body care and maintenance activities
  • Company Number: 64401572
  • Web sites: i


What our clients say

The best place for a massage in Belgrade.
Therapists are always pleasant and smiling. Upon arrival, they always offer you a drink and whatever your mood is, they fix your day. Communication is great and professional – you can say at any time which intensity suits you best.
The space is nicely decorated, the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s always clean. Definitely try a hedonistic full body massage which is phenomenal.

Preparation for massage


Hygiene is the most important, When treatment massages using only white towels, uniforms..


Our working space are 11 separated rooms. on 3 floors.

Free serving

In the context of price massages (fruits, beverages, biscuits, cakes) glasses, plates, cutlery are washed and polished in the dishwasher maschine.


Frequently asked questions

We massage, no depilation is needed. Body hair in both sexes of all ages is a natural thing and is not a problem, because we have special oils for people with such a characteristic, waxing is superfluous, stay natural … We ask potential clients if they have some aesthetic differences, even a handicap – that it is not the reason for not coming for a massage with us in the Excellence Center for Professional Full Body Massage for both sexes of all age groups …  IF YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE MAJORITY IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU ARE LESS VALUED – WE SUPPORT FREEDOM FOR EVERYONE, WITHOUT A DROP OF DISCRIMINATION … masseurs of Excellence massage Belgrade!

We do professional full body massages for both sexes of all ages without the genitals, we massage the inner thigh, groin, abdominal region, skip the genitals … Clients are mostly naked in that region covered with a towel, of course there is adequate disposable underwear. for female and male, so that clients can be only in it during the massage and additionally covered with a towel … We massage the breasts of ladies if the client wants … We have a sensual and hedonistic massage, it means sensual movement with the use of essential creams and oils with emphasis rest of the psyche and body, and not just classic grips and access to massage … For us, massage is the basis of every PSYCHO-PHYSICAL HOLIDAY FOR BOTH GENDERS OF ALL AGE GROUPS!

Dear clients, you can express your gratitude for a well-performed massage, comprehensive service, courtesy, and the maximum engagement of our staff by leaving a tip (gratuity). Tipping is not mandatory, and the amount is at your discretion. Tips are left when paying the bill at the reception desk in our establishment.

It is important to note that giving a tip directly to the masseuse during or after the massage is unacceptable and considered highly offensive. If a client is unaware of this rule, the masseuse will inform them politely. If the client continues to insist and applies additional pressure on the masseuse, the massage will be terminated and charged as if the service was fully provided.

Our goal is to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of our employees and company. Excellence Massage Belgrade is the largest center for high-professional massage and hedonism in Belgrade and Southeastern Europe, and we thank you for your understanding and adherence to our rules.

No and there is no exception. We do massage exclusively in Svetogorska Street no. 27, Stari grad, center of Belgrade!

Yes, we massage with certain rules, children aged 12 to 17 are massaged in the presence of guardian parents, they are massaged exclusively by masseuses so that they experience that touch as maternal, older minors aged 17 and 18 are massaged like other age groups of clients. Only classic medical massages can be performed on minors (relax, sports, therapeutic or mix massage without chiropractic, very strong pressure, imperial, royal, hedonistic massages …

You can express the desire of whoever wants to massage you, if it is done in a decent way, and it is feasible if that therapist is currently free – everything is fine. If the client is rude, explicit with a dose of humiliation, unpleasant, under the influence of opiates – we will not massage, in case of reservation it will be canceled …

You can pay by card, we accept all cards, brands, we have more payment devices even fixed, mobile variant to avoid the situation that our device does not work … Several clients tried to abuse payment in foreign currency to go to the hotel and never have not returned … In case the client does not have a card, but has euros, dollars, we will charge in euros, dollars by going to the exchange office to exchange and return the change to the client and thank him …

We work from 7 am to midnight on all 365 days of the year and on weekends … In case of preparation of foreign sports teams, or certain groups or individuals, we will open at 6 am, if necessary, we will extend working hours until 2 am after midnight. in that case, the payment is made at midnight in order to close the cash register and do the end of the day … The massage lasts as long as it says on the fiscal invoice …

We are. We are a taxpayer in the serbian VAT system so that customers can get a cash invoice, in the case of a natural person to make a refund, in the case of a legal entity VAT REFUND.

It means a massage of two people in one room who are massaged at the same time … It is not a massage only for couples in love but for two people: friends, two sisters, two others, colleagues, grandparents, mother and daughter, father and son. ..

Of course, only in that case we take into account the INDICATIONS and CONTRAINDICATIONS through conversation …. We take care to adjust the massage to the health condition and needs of that age … For people in those years, massage is the basis of muscle care relaxation … The difference compared to others, it is mostly only in age or in a specific disease where massage is contraindicated and then we do not do it, in which case we recommend only massage of the face, décolleté and hairy part of the head to affect the client’s peace of mind … when we are not sure what to do, and if it is not a question of a seriously impaired health condition, and the client insists on having a massage, the client must sign a statement that he is doing it AT HER/HIS REQUEST …

Health comes first

Covid-19 Notice

Dear users of our services, the first measure we take when you enter the interzone is non-contact measurement of body temperature, then disinfect shoes and hands with asepsol, then we start with the usual procedure of undressing and preparation which is explained in detail on the site… Welcome!

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