Massage, 按摩, 'מַסָג, تدليك,  マッサージ, ماساژ, हनजी मालिश

Instruction                                                                                           Carefully read !!!

The client enters into a sterile space, at the entrance takes off the shoes and socks and places them into the shoe closet, disinfects the hands, if pre-booked appointment goes to the massage area, leaves all his/her clothes, coat, handbag in the wardrobe, otherwise chooses a treatment and a schedule with the possibility of extension of the same. On the client (for both sexes) must not remain anything of personal items, in children the presence of a guardian is obligatory. The client receives a bathrobe, a bathing towel, one-time usable slippers, disposable paper underwear (in most cases the clients are massaged naked) and refers to the bathroom to take a shower. 
After returning to the space for massage, follows a massage treatment and disinfection of the foot in an electric massager,about 10 minutes. During this time, we prepare a table for massage, a cover and put towels so that the client sees that the mat is clean and taken out of the closet in the massage room. Following the same, the client wipes the feet, lies on the massage table and we start the disinfection of the foot and body parts using the special agent enriched with a pleasant smell. Funding for massaging are the massage oils, baby oils, lotions and balms usually used during and after sunbathing, hot and cold gels, moisturisers, panthenol cream, anti-cellulite gel, body milk, various butter (chocolate, honey ...), and, of course, powder ... A guest can, on their own responsibility, bring their own agents for massaging. Face masks are part of the treatment. During the massage, the music plays on the TV, you can watch videos and other content from the Internet. We own wi-fi so that customers can perform business activities during the treatment ... During the visit the client in the studio is served or self-helped with bottled water, natural juice, fresh local and citrus fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts. The glass cup is served ... After completing the treatment, the client can take a shower, although it is not mandatory, since many of them want their funds for massaging to stay and nourish the skin. We will listen to your complaint or praise if you have them and then approach the billing services. 
After each extra treatment, the time and the price are clearly presented to the client. It can be paid in cash in dinars, by all credit cards (POS terminals of Banca Intesa), by checks. After that, we will certainly present you other offers and current actions ...