Massage in Belgrade
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We provide professional massage and relaxation, beauty treatment of face and body care, and treatment of fish, garra rufa fish spa.

Working hours:
Every day
07:00h - 00:00h. 

Treatment provided by professional masseuses and masseurs, physiotherapists (certificate or diploma required).

Payment: cash in RSD, all credit cards via POS terminals of Banca Intesa, checks as well as the option of advance payment.
Location: Downtown Belgrade, 27 Svetogorska Street, municipality of Stari Grad)
Tax Identification Number: 109748673
Activity Code: 9604 Body care and maintenance
Company Number: 64401572

Dear potential customers, every Wednesday is 33% discount on all massages, to the amount of over 3,500 dinars in cash and below that amount gets the bonus of 20 minutes extra free time on account of discount. Visit us, Excellence Massage Belgrade

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Every day from 7am untill 1pm Discount 25% or extra time for all massage treatments.
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LOGO (BREND) EXCELLENCE MASSAGE BELGRADE is protected in the territory of the Republic of Serbia at the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE EKSELENCIJA MM. On the market, no legal entity will NOT use the same or similar trademark, otherwise the law will be treated! Professional in every aspect of business, YOUR EXCELLENCE MASSAGE BELGRADE SVETOGORSKA 27, Stari grad, Belgrade! Visit us ...
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