Instruction                                                                                           Carefully read !!!

We charge 6000 dinars, 60 minutes massage. We bring along a professional massage table, oil, paste, gel, disinfectant. If necessary, we bring the towels                         
The procedure of providing services in hotels (other users)
- Obligatory prepaid on our account by the client to whom we provide a service for the first time, in order to avoid any fake call and possible unpleasant situations
- After the completion of the massage, a regular customer in the hotel pays the full price and 3000 dinars for the cost of transportation, and in case of advance payments, receives additional free treatments and bonuses. A masseuse usually comes with the masseur to the hotel, and in this case, it is charged as imperial massage, 4 hands. The aim of these measures is to ensure the safety and protection of the weaker sex in our profession. The compromise is not possible.
- A maser can go out alone and provide services at home, in an apartment, hotel, however, we have the right that, in some cases, we do not send workers to the task. We are not obliged to provide any explanation. Our goal is not to lie and give hypocritical explanations.
- In the case of some unpleasant events during and after the massage, we use a measure of Persona Non Grata (persona non grata, unwanted person) and the cooperation is no longer possible.
- The goal of these standards is to protect the profession, provide relaxation, enjoyment, and distance ourselves from unfair competition in the market and negative phenomena in society following the term "massage".
- Account number 160-459205-55, Banca Intesa; Recipient: Mile Mitrovic PR Studio body care Excellence MM Belgrade (Savski Venac); Purpose: Payment for massage services in hotels